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Delivering first-class, immaculate work is a matter of course for us. It is our lifeblood that sets us apart. We love the sea, and we live out the fascination of seafaring. Even as small boys, our owners stood for hours watching ships in the port, spellbound. With PIER Marine Interiors, they have assembled a crew that creates true masterpieces in ship interior design with mind, body and soul. PIER Marine Interiors stands for visionary and high-quality shipbuilding par excellence. Our passion for shipbuilding and life at sea drives us to continually expand our horizons and think beyond the norm. Which is how we turn near-impossible wishes into reality. Whether it is a cruise liner, an arctic exploration ship or a yacht – we take the wishes of the customer, coupled with our extensive experience, to consistently pursue our goal of fulfilling the highest demands. Elegant design, careful planning and meticulous craftsmanship are our most important tools. Our expertise is based on earning degrees in marine engineering and a wealth of practical experience from traditional shipyards and centuries-old shipbuilding companies. The issue of sustainability is firmly anchored in our entrepreneurial activities. Consideration for the environment, socially responsible behaviour and the use of sustainable materials are a matter of course for us.