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The Domstein Seafood AG is with their fish food productions, aquaculture companies and innovations leader in the world fish market.

Domstein provides our global customers with high-quality and healthy marine products from sustainable, wild fisheries. We create consistent value for our customers, stakeholders, and employees by providing innovative solutions that satisfy the world’s growing need for nutritious products. 

Domstein will continually invest in the latest harvesting and processing technologies. We will aggressively seek to provide the highest value to our customers. We will be “first to market” with new and innovative products and create new opportunities for our existing products and services. We will attract and retain the best employees by rewarding talent, hard work and dedication and by creating an open and honest culture.

Our Services

High Protein Fish Food

According to the Worldbank, the fishmeal rate in fish food will globally be dropping in the nearest future (from the 0.22 ratio in 2000 to the estimated 0.10 by 2030) and thus new fish feeds need to be produced quickly.

With demand for fresh fish going constantly up (over 8% annually in the last 40 years, according to the World Ocean Review) and captured fish supplies going constantly down, Seafood Industries puts a special focus on sustainable seafood production.

It therefore teamed up with some of Europe’s and South-East Asia’s best food technologists to develop a highly innovative and unique “High Protein Fish Food” which is produced solely using natural and sustainable resources.


The specific finding of bones in fish is becoming increasingly important for faster processing of fish products. 

Fish production usually begins directly after catching the fish in the processing department of ships. The aim is to process a fresh fish directly and complete it with high quality for the production chain. 

For this reason, i.a. mobile XRAY devices used to identify bones in fish. DOMX sells these devices to its major customers and offers the necessary repair and maintenance. 

AS-Aquapod Systems

Aquapods are developed to give solution for current method of aquaculture. It is basically a containment in which farmers can put any desirable fish in and leave. The unique design of aquapods provide free floating, untethered deep ocean fish habitat and less stress on surrounding environments as cause of its ability of change location.

We are developing marvelous software for aquapods. Software provides to control all conditions and cameras in aquapod, to collect data and driving of aquapods where farmers want to locate it.

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