A solution for sea lice

A solution for sea lice

Sea louse(sea lice) is a type of parasite that affects marine fish in particular those species that have been recorded on farmed salmon.

The sea lice are not only dangerous for farmed fish but also threatens wild fish as it can spread from open net cage farms. Most of the companies have recently affected from sea lice and the direct cost of managing sea lice amounts to billions of dollars every year.

To fight against sea lice threat; Seafood Innovation Cluster has partnered with IBM for a new technology

The Seafood Innovation Cluster from Norway developed a new technology called AquaCloud with IBM.

Aquacloud is a cloud-based platform built on IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud, IBM Watson Studio and IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud. It automatically captures sea lice counts and other relevant data from the aquaculture companies’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and passes it into a predictive model that can accurately forecast sea lice outbreaks over a two-week horizon.

The Seafood Innovation Cluster is now preparing for field trials.


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