Sea cucumber fights against cancer

Sea cucumber fights against cancer

A worthy delicacy from Asian cuisine, sea cucumbers are protecting us against cancer.

According to author Ty M. Bollinger this iky, slug-like creates a miracle cure for cancer, written in his new book ‘’Cancer: Step Outside the Box’’.

“You can cook them for various dishes, but the way it’s found in local health food stores is dried and powdered and in capsule form,” he said, adding that dried sea cucumber extract is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and also has anti-inflammatory properties.

“Another of the fascinating things about sea cucumbers is that they are very high in chondroitin sulfate, which is commonly used to treat joint pain and arthritis. To my knowledge, they have the highest concentration of chondroitin of any animal,” Bollinger explained in an interview.

“Number one, it’s cytotoxic, which means it kills cancer cells, and it also is immunomodulatory. So it has both sides of what I call the cancer killing coin,” he explained. “If you are going to defeat cancer, you need something that regulates your immune system to where it works properly but you also must have something that is going to kill those cancer cells. The sea cucumber does both.”

The sea cucumbers were also used in old Chinese medicines and also its extract is used as an adjunct treatment for those undergoing chemotherapy, Bollinger said, because it’s very effective at mitigating the side effects of that cancer treatment.


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