The Northern Shipyard is building processor longliners for the Karelian Fishing Fleet group

The Northern Shipyard is building processor longliners  for the Karelian Fishing Fleet group

Karelian Fishing Fleet group has partnered with The Northern Shipyard, part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation for two new processor longliners.

One of the new vessels has named Gandvik-1 and is designed for fishing primarily for haddock and cod in the Barents and the Norwegian Seas.

The 59 metre LOA by 13 metre beam longliners are built to Marin Teknikk’s МТ1112XL design and will be fitted with 30 tonne/day factory decks.

"In order to expand its economic activity and update the technical base, the Karelian Fishing Fleet is investing in the construction of two high-performance longline vessels, Gandvik-1 and Gandvik-2,” said RK Virma’s director Ivan Pasynkov.

"Our task is to improve quality and expand the product line for consumers. In this sense, the operation of longliners will optimally combine economic efficiency, environmental friendliness and product quality. Studies prove that the fish caught on lines are always better quality than those caught by trawls."

Karelian Fishing Group Of Companies provide more than 100,000 tonnes of cod, haddock, capelin, blue whiting, herring, mackerel and redfish to the Russian domestic market and using longliners as a new trend.

"Over the past year, a number of fishing vessels have been laid and begun to be built at shipbuilding enterprises belonging to USC,” Dmitry Ermakov said, commenting that this has been made possible by the adoption of investment quota legislation with requirements for new tonnage to be built at Russian shipyards.

“For the shipbuilding industry, these new projects are the opportunity to expand their capacities and the skills needed for the construction of a fishing fleet," he said.


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