Comata’s new longliner is delivered

Comata’s new longliner is delivered

Piriou Group delivered Comata’s new ice-class longliner at their shipyard in Vietnam.

The vessel, Île de la Réunion II is a 62.80 metre freezer longliner with a 12.40 metre breadth, will fish in waters around French TAAF territories.

The vessel is also designed by Priou Ingenierie.

Île de la Réunion II is equipped with diesel-electric propulsion with two 900kW propulsion systems providing flexibility in energy management, simplified maintenance and fuel savings. Power is provided by four 975kVa diesel engines.

“We are proud and delighted to continue this longstanding collaboration with Comata and the Scapêche group,” commented Vincent Faujour, CEO of Piriou Group.

“With this new generation longliner, we continue to support our customers in renewing their fleet for toothfish fishing in the EEZs of the French Southern and Antarctic Territories.” he added.

The vessel featured with Mustad equipments and has tank capacity for 525m3 of fuel and 110m3 of fresh water.


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