A shrimp beam trawler designed by Herman Jansen

A shrimp beam trawler designed by Herman Jansen

Designed by Herman Jansen, shrimp beam trawler Bona Fide TX-65 is built for Texel skipper Erik Kalf by TCD, the technical division of the Urk Fishermen’s Co-operative (VCU).

The trawler is built as a replacement for the company’s older one.

Bona Fide has a 23.95 metre overall length and a beam of 6.20 metres, it is designed specifically for targeting shrimp in the Wadden Zee and off the Dutch coast.

The trawler has Caterpillar C12 main engine turning a 1500mm diameter, five-bladed Promarin propeller inside a Promarin FS-40 nozzle, via a Twin Disc MGX-5170-DC which also has a switchable PTO for the hydraulic pump.

The trawler also feauters catch handling and processing system on deck which is provided by De Boer RVS.


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