Guiding Light protects our oceans

Guiding Light protects our oceans

Guiding Light’s new trawler has become an optimistic symbol of the industry as it sailed from the arkol Marine Engineering shipyard in Whitby.

The pair trawler, ordered by Guiding Light Limited, named after the company and she will fish for whitefish alongside sister vessel Guiding Star.

“A lot of this is down to the effort fishermen like ourselves have put into technical measures such as more selective fishing gear that protects juvenile stocks, to ensure greater sustainability,” commented skipper Gavin Thain.

“We have been working closely with the Marine Management Organisation to get that right and adhere to their fishery landing obligations. We have CCTV cameras installed to record what we are catching and exactly how we are doing it, reducing waste and, as a result, bringing back better catches.”

“We retain all our waste onboard, such as plastic, and don’t discard anything into the sea other than biodegradable items. While this isn’t a legal requirement yet, we see it as a moral one, and through our ‘garbage plan’ we are aiming to lead industry practices.”

Guiding Light also has tweaks to the catch handling system and a higher icemaker capacity, differently from her sister Guiding Star.

“It’s all about investing in the industry and the young fishermen coming through, to ensure strong succession,” Thain said. “So I’ll be heading a crew of younger fishermen and aiming to train them to keep important skills alive.’’


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