Whisky turns into fish food

Whisky turns into fish food

A student from Scotland developed a process, that basically producing eco-friendly fish food from whisky for farmed salmon.

The project named MiAlgae was developed by Douglas Martin while he was a master’s student at University of Edinburgh in 2015-2016.

MiAlgae uses by-products from the distilling process to grow Omega 3-rich algae, which described by Martin as ‘’ revolutionising the animal and fish feed industries with microalgae that come from whisky’’.

The microalgae can also be used for agricultural food products.

Now the project is contributed by Equity Gap, the Scottish Investment Bank and the University of Edinburgh's Old College Capital with £500,000 investment.

Douglas Martin said This investment will fund the initial scale-up steps and de-risk our commercial facility. It certainly sets us on track to achieve our ambitions," and added "We're looking at multiple industries in the supply side, multiple industries at the product side, then diversification into multiple products beyond feeds. There are lots of things we can do with our products."

The investment is aiming to help the company’s expansion and to build a new plant for its technology at a whisky distillery.


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