Law enforcements explain “boat safety”

Law enforcements explain “boat safety”

Joe Brocks, FWC Capt. said everything that happens on the street, happens out here, Tuesday along a safety outreach at the W.G. Roe Public Boat Ramp.

Brocks said the “everything” includes things like domestic violence, drugs, anything that street patrol would handle, also happens on the water and in boats.

Sheriff Grady Judd said “In Polk County, we have 550 lakes, and we want people to come here and enjoy every one of them safely,” and he added “You have to understand that the waterways are going to be very busy because this is the Sunshine State, this is where people come to boat and have a good time.”

Roger Young, Florida Fish and Wildlife Maj. said “Florida is the boating capital of the world with over a million registered vessels. Florida also leads the nation in boating accidents, he said, with 67 people killed in 61 fatal boating accidents in 2017. Eight of those accidents occurred in Polk County, with three fatalities and one injury.”


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