AquaStorm will take salmon industry by storm

AquaStorm will take salmon industry by storm

“AquaStorm” is a salmon pen concept which has been developed by MOWI

MOWI’s project leader, Henrik Trengereid said “This is the largest development project we have ever planned. AquaStorm moves the fish farms out of the fjords and down into the ocean depths, where the fish are protected from sea lice, disease and the weather.”

“This concept is fully automated, and will be monitored from a control centre on shore, which will give us complete control of how the fish are progressing, that they are fed and that all the technology works as it should,

“The aquaculture industry is currently facing a shortage of sites suitable for production. This technology opens up vast new areas for sustainable future aquaculture growth in Norway,” says Trengereid.

Heads of the Federation of Norwegian Industries, Stein Lier-Hansen said “This project represents the best of Norway’s maritime expertise. AquaStorm exploits the country’s competence in the fields of aquaculture, subsea and offshore oil production to create an even more sustainable and forward-looking industry. It is precisely this kind of project that the Norwegian authorities and policymakers must enable.”


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