Whole Foods’ seafood processing facility closing

Whole Foods’ seafood processing facility closing

The mayor of Gloucester in the US state of Massachusetts is disappointed that the Whole Foods Market's seafood processing facility was suddenly shut down in the city.

Romeo Theken, the Mayor of Gloucester said “I am disappointed at the decision made by Whole Foods Market to close its Pigeon Cove Seafood Facility. This closure will result in the elimination of 60 full-time positions.”

She told the newspaper “We want to talk with them about what they're going to do to try to get their employees other jobs, but we also want to speak with them about the reasons for closing it and their plans for the space at 15 Parker St.”

“We want to find out if they plan to sublet that space or exactly what they plan to do.”

“Our focus right now is on the Whole Foods Market's Pigeon Cove Seafood Facility employees and their families during this challenging time. The City of Gloucester will work in partnership with the MassHire job placement offices to connect displaced workers with new career opportunities and workforce training programs," she said.


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